Renaissance Fair Directory

Nevada Five Renaissance villages Mid October (one weekend) LV Ren Fair
Alabama Fountain on the Green 4th Weekend of October
Arizona Village of Fairhaven Early February – mid March (eight weekends) Arizona RenFest
Florida Village of Fittleworth during the reign of Henry VIII and Katherine Parr, Germanic mercenaries, Celts, some fantasy elements Mid-February – early April (seven weekends) Bay Area RenFest
Florida Shire of Wickham Mid – January and first weekend of February (three weekends) Brevard Renaissance Fair
Wisconsin 1574 Bristol, England; Tudor, some fantasy aspects; RenQuest RPG July – Labor Day weekend (nine weekends) Bristol RenFair
Florida Arthurian times Mid-November Camelot Days
Oregon Village of “Canterbury”; Elizabethan England (1558-1603) Mid-July Canterbury Faire
Oklahoma Viking Festival 2nd weekend of April and October Viking Festival
North Carolina Fictional “Fairhaven” October -November (eight weekends) Carolina Renaissance Festival
Colorado 16th-century Tudor village; pirates, fantasy elements June – August (~eight weekends) Colorado Renaissance
Connecticut Queen Elizabeth (England village of “Lebonshire”); Event Weekends (Cosplay, Doctor Who, Romance) Early September – mid-October (six weekends) CT Faire
Massachusetts Robin Hood (England circa 1150 A.D.); fantasy elements encouraged Mid-May (three weekends) Robin Hoods Faire
Wisconsin Shire of “Enchanted”; Arthurian, Elizabethan and fantasy elements Late June – early July (two weekends) Door Co. Renaissance
Florida 16th century renaissance February – March (including Presidents’ Day) Florida RenFest
Florida Early 16th-century Renaissance village April Florida RenFest
Georgia The village of “Newcastle” during the reign of King Henry VIII Mid-April – June Georgia Ren Fest
Oklahoma 1540 Queensferry, Scotland; Reign of King James V Last Full Weekend of March every year
Ohio The 13th-century forest kingdom of “Avaloch”; historic, fantasy, super-heroes, futuristic Early July – mid-August Medieval Faire
Kansas 1300 A.D. in the shire of “Talonterra” Mid-April and (10b) mid-October Great Plains
Missouri “Petit Lyon”, France during a 16th-century visit from King François I Mid-September – mid-October St. Louis Renaissance Faire
Florida Village of “Hoggetowne” during King Arthur’s reign Late January – early February Hoggetowne Fair
Kansas 1536 in “Canterbury”; Henry VIII, pirates, some fantasy and Robin Hood September – mid-October Kansas City RenFest
Kentucky Fictional “Briarwood”, Scotland during the 14th-century reign of King Robert the Bruce Early June – early July Highlands Ren Faire
Massachusetts 16th-century marketplace of “Carvershire” September – late October King Richard’s Faire
California Baron Heinrich von Lauffer’s estate, a German village located along the Rhine, circa 1450-1600 Last weekend of May – first 4 weekends of June Koroneburg Renaissance Festival
Louisiana Fall harvest in the 16th-century English village of “Albright” Early November – mid-December Louisiana Renaissance
Maryland Fictional Tudor village of “Revel Grove” Late August – late October Maryland Renaissance Festival
Oklahoma c. 1350 London, under the reign of King Edward III; some fantasy elements One weekend early April Medieval Fair of Norman
Michigan “Hollygrove” village, late 16th-century England Mid-August – end of September Michigan Renaissance Festival
Michigan Queen Anna of Bohemia with Martin Luther and various mythical and fantasy characters June Mid-Michigan RenFest
Texas 1652 A.D. in “Wiltonshire”; buccaneers, baroque characters, fantasy elements Early June: Texas Pirate Festival,
Mid July: Magical & Medieval Fantasy Faire, and Late October – mid November: Middlefaire
Texas Middlefaire Events
Connecticut Year unknown, in the Anleighshire, Kingdom of Cuulayne; under fictional King Tonitrus; fantasy immersion Mid-June – early July Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire
Minnesota 16th-century “England-like” fantasy kingdom Mid-August – September Renaissance Fest
New Hampshire A family friendly, educational, visual, and theatrical event. Mid May 2 consecutive weekends
New Jersey 16th-century fictional village of Crossford in Northumberland; combines historical and fictional “visitors from time” with fantasy and magic, such as Shakespeare, Robin Hood, King Arthur. etc. Last weekend in May, first two weekends in June New Jersey Renaissance Faire
New York The fictional town of “Sterling” in late 16th-century Elizabethan England August – September Ren Faire – NY
North Carolina 1575 in the Elizabethan village of “Kingston-upon-Hull” Early – mid-April (two weekends) North Carolina Ren Faire
California Derbyshire village of “Willingtown”; mid 1600s Mid-September – mid-October (six weekends) NorCal RenFaire
Washington 1520, in the Tudor village of “Pleasance” Early July – early August (four weekends) Northwest Renaissance Festival
California Nottingham, Elizabethan England November Nottingham Festival
Ohio 1572 A.D. in the English village of “Willy-Nilly on the Wash;” during the reign of Elizabeth I September – late-October (eight weekends) Renaissance Festival
Oklahoma 1569 during the reign of Elizabeth I “Castleton” border town of Scotland & England, multiple country quarters (Italian, Celtic) Late April thru first weekend June (six weekends) The Castle of Muskogee
Pennsylvania 1589 English shire of “Mount Hope”; features Marlowe, Shakespeare and Elizabeth I, since 2014 an early Tudor Henry VIII theme August – October (thirteen weekends) Penn Faire
Nevada Pirates and fantasy Nevada RenFest
Pennsylvania “Morelandshire;” during the 16th century Late August – September (five weekends) Pittsburgh RenFest
California The market at “Port Deptford”; late 16th century April – late May SoCal RenFair
Florida 900 – 1300 A.D. Mid-January – late January Medieval Faire
Florida 1381 A.D. Mid-November Sarasota MedFair
Texas 1521 Scarborough, under the reign of King Henry VIII Early April – Memorial Day Scarborough Fair
Texas 1189-1199, Sherwood Forest; under the reign of Richard the Lion Hearted; some fantasy elements Early March – late April Sherwood Forest Faire
South Dakota Shrewsbury, England 1575, the 17th year of Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth’s reign First Weekend of June
Felicita County Park The Shire of Escondido; Her Majesty, Queen “Elizabeth Gloriana” April and May Old Tyme Productions
New York The fictional village of “Warwick;” 1585 England July – August Sterling, NY Festival
Tennessee 16th-century town of “Covington Glen;” features a full-sized replica “border castle”, known as “Castell Gwynn” May (four weekends) Tennessee RenFest
Texas The King’s “New Market Village;” 3rd–16th century; Roman, Scots, Celts, pirates, fantasy October – November (nine weekends) TRF
Alaska The Italian, Arabic, and English camps at the village of “Hillshire;” pirates, fantasy First two full weekends in June 3 Barons
Utah 1500-1650 in medieval “Hawkhurst;” some fantasy elements May (four weekends) Utah RenFest
California 1580 Elizabethan England; nobility, pirates, barbarians Memorial day weekend – mid-June ValhallaFaire
Virginia Elizabethan village of “Stafford” in the 1580s; pirates, Celts; inventors Mid-May – mid-June (four weekends) Virginia Renaissance Faire
Washington The 1577 village of “Merriwick”, Elizabethan England; pirates, carnival, fantasy elements August Midsummer Faire
Washington Elizabethan/Shakespearean Era celebration, circa 1585, vendors, performances, jousting Mid-September Ye Merrie Greenwood Players

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